Soon a PS5 or PSVR 2 conference?

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Like many publishers, Sony could take advantage of the festivities this summer to unveil new games and give news of those we haven’t heard from for a while.

Will we hear about PS5 exclusives soon? Since the release of Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7, Sony has been very discreet. However, with the arrival of Summer Game Fest, that may soon change.

Soon news of PS5 exclusives?

It is in any case what indicated the famous Jeff Grubb. According to the well-hung insider, PlayStation could hold a new presentation during the first week of June. The Japanese publisher could then present its next large cartridges there. In the sights of fans: Final Fantasy 16 and its new trailer, and especially God of War Ragnarok, very silent for many months while its release date still seems set for 2022.

At least, that’s what several Santa Monica Studios developers have said on multiple occasions. As for independent games, Stray and Little Devil Inside are also expected by the gaming community. This would also be an opportunity to give more details on its PlayStation Plus Premium and the list of retro games that will accompany its launch.

Any info on PSVR 2?

However, the information remains to be taken with tweezers since theinsider is unable to confirm this PlayStation conference with any accuracy. Especially since he seems to hear everything and its opposite from other serious sources. Sony could also decide to keep everything warm until September like last year. “IThere are two conflicting rumors from people who sometimes know what’s to come he clarified.

All hope is not lost. The Twitter account lyricsPSVR, who had leaked the PSVR 2 specs in advance, added his little grain of salt. According to the few information he has collected, a PlayStation presentation in June would be very likely. New information on the Playstation VR 2 could therefore be revealed during the Summer Game Fest. In the absence of news of PS5 exclusives or at the same time? The suspense remains intact without any formalization from Sony.

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