soon a family subscription available?

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To establish its position as a leader in on-demand gaming services, Microsoft could offer a new Xbox Game Pass subscription that should appeal to more than one player.

If the PS Plus is at the heart of the news with its new subscriptions unifying its services, Microsoft could again hit hard. It is rumored that the Xbox Game Pass could offer a new offer inspired by Netflix and others.

Towards an Xbox Game Pass Family?

Soon a new Xbox Game Pass subscription? This is what the latest rumors suggest. At their origin, Jez Corden of Windows Central, a site renowned for its information around Microsoft and its gaming brand. To better position itself as the “Netflix of video games”, the service could offer a new family subscription formula. Like what is done at Disney + or on the Nintendo Switch Online side, the Xbox Game Pass Family would allow you to share your account with 5 players from the same country, at an additional cost.

The details are still hazy. We only know that there is talk of a launch this year and that the offer will be cheaper than if we had to pay five subscriptions separately. However, no price range has been indicated. It also remains to be seen if the family subscription will only concern Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or if it will be applicable to the console and PC versions. separately.

A long-awaited subscription

According to information from the journalist, Microsoft has been wanting to set up this Xbox Game Pass Family for a while, but the company was coming up against a brake: royalties. How to ensure that the sums paid to publishers are fair in the face of the shortfall of such a subscription? Microsoft would have finally managed to find the solution.

This information remains to be taken with a grain of salt, although the Redmond firm has never hidden its desire to offer such an offer. Phil Spencer, boss of Xbox, had already confirmed that the teams were studying such a possibility. Everything suggests that this will soon be the case, but we are obviously waiting for an official statement from Microsoft.

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