Sony promises that production is accelerating and will stabilize

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For now it is still difficult to find a PlayStation 5 in stock but Sony wants to improve its production, and it is Jim Ryan himself who talks about it. Explanations

It hasn’t escaped your notice, but the shortage of microcomponents as well as the high demand make the PlayStation 5 a rare bird that is difficult to find in stores or to order. However, the manufacturer Sony wants to be reassuring. Indeed, during a financial presentation, the leader of Sony, Jim Ryan, spoke.

Sony will do its best for the production of PlayStation 5

Jim Ryan, therefore, clarified that despite a strong launch, sales of the PS5 were lagging behind its big sister the PS4 for this second year, due to supply constraints. To better understand here is a particularly interesting graph (below).

In dark blue the curve of the PS4 and in light blue the curve of the PS5, we can see that if during the first year the sales are quite identical, during the second year the PS4 is significantly above. And according to Sony’s forecasts, it would be necessary to wait for the fourth year of marketing to see sales of the PlayStation 5 take off and catch up with those of the PS4.

Not before 2024

These supply constraints are due to both the Covid pandemic and the war in Ukraine, despite everything console production remains the priority. The pandemic has caused a shortage of parts inventory, as has been documented many times before for the graphics card and processor market.

It will therefore be necessary to wait until 2024 for production to stabilize at Sony. To achieve this, the Japanese manufacturer will source from more suppliers. But he will also start negotiations to improve logistics, to maintain optimal PS5 delivery routes.

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