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Paying for an upgrade to the PS Plus Premium hundreds of hours? It seems unlikely and yet. The first users of the new formulas discover with horror the price to pay to switch to a higher offer.

A few hours after the launch of the new PS Plus in Asia, Sony is already at the heart of a controversy. And for good reason, the Japanese publisher is accused of prohibiting players from saving money, especially those who have amassed classic subscriptions. They may have to pay a fortune to upgrade to PS Plus Premium.

Sony removes PS Plus discounts

Racked up the discounted PS Plus subscriptions to upgrade to PS Premium on the cheap? No luck, you’ll be pissed off. Asian players have indeed made a very bad discovery during the launch of these new formulas. As a reminder, from June 22 with us, it will be possible to choose to upgrade your subscription to two new offers: the Extra at €13.99 per month and finally the PS Plus Premium at €16.99 per month. To switch to a higher offer, it will be necessary to pay the monthly difference between the current subscription and the desired one. Except that the upgrade may be very expensive for some.

Basically, the price of the upgrade takes into account the number of days remaining in your subscription. For example, if you purchased a 1-year PS+ subscription and you have 7 months left, you will have to pay the pro-rata of these remaining seven months towards the desired plan. So far no surprise, this is probably one of the reasons why Sony has put an end to the trick which allowed to have the PS Plus Premium at half price. Except that what Sony was careful not to say is that those who have accumulated the PS Plus offers in promotion so that their subscription extends over several years will also have to advance the difference between the price at which it is normally sold and the one they bought it from.

Sony’s Explanation Chart of PS Plus’s Remaining Days to Pay

An upgrade that can be very very expensive

In other words, the promotion is canceled retroactively and some players find themselves having to pay hundreds of euros more just to hope to upgrade to PS Plus Extra. This is particularly the case of an Asian user who still has several years of active subscription and who will have to advance more than 800 euros just to be able to switch to PS Plus Premium. An extreme case of course, but several players find themselves having to advance three-figure sums.

A customer service email sent to one of the Asian users confirmed that this was not a bug, but a real intention of the publisher. Prorating days remaining voids any promotion: full price will be required to upgrade. Sony will therefore compulsorily ask to refund the reduction while paying for the remaining number of days. The contours of this calculation, which is as logical as it is improbable, are still unclear. As the hours pass, the controversy continues to swell. Sony should therefore quickly take the floor to speak on this subject or even clarify the situation.

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