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Rumors around Konami’s horror franchise have been reignited in recent hours. Remake of Silent Hill 2 excluded PS5, new game, leaked images, we take stock of all the rumors.

It has now been several months since our colleagues at VGC mentioned a return of the Silent Hill franchise with several games in development. And in recent hours, these rumors have been revived with leaks of all kinds. New game, remake of Silent Hill 2 excluded PS5, leaked images, we make a complete point on everything that was said.

A PS5 exclusive Silent Hill 2 remake?

According to leaker Nate the Hate, one of the titles in rumor would be none other than a remake of the cult Silent Hill 2 by Bloober Team, the Polish studio to which we owe Layers of Fear, Observer or The Medium. According to its sources, this remake would be a PlayStation 5 exclusive and Bloober Team would bet onadd new endingsbut also of rework the puzzles. To make them more complex? Simplify them? We do not know.

To go in the direction of previous rumors, he indicates that this is only one project among others. “Several Silent Hill projects are in development, including a new game and ‘side’ stories. “. As a reminder, Konami and Bloober Team have formalized a partnership without revealing its nature, but we suspect that it is not for Yu-Gi-Oh!. If the teams manage to release a remake of SH2 as respectful as Resident Evil Rebirth, it will be the jackpot for them, with minimal risk taking.

A new runaway game

Before this rumor about a PS5 remake of Silent Hill 2, Internet user Dusk Golem was talked about again and “unleashed passions”, since he is not unanimous on the video game scene. We are not going to list everything, but there have been, among other things, a lot of false information from him around Resident Evil Village.

Nevertheless, for once, he seems to have found images of a new, yet unannounced Silent Hill PS5. How can we know? The photos in question, visible in our gallery and our article, were quickly deleted by … Konami! For obvious copyright infringement reasons, the company indeed blasted the images without wasting any time. It is even Shunsuke Murase, general manager of the legal and intellectual property department of the company, who is behind this request for withdrawal according to the forums of ResetERA. So at this level, it is impossible to say that the concept arts are not authentic, the Japanese publisher would clearly not go to so much trouble otherwise.

A project still alive?

Dusk Golem claims that these images would be two years old and therefore the title could be canceled entirely. So is this the case? Maybe not. In 2020, Masahiro Itō, artistic director of the Silent Hill license, posted this tweet which suggested that he was on a game in the series.

I’m working on a title as a main member. I hope it won’t be cancelled.

The phrase “I hope it will not be cancelled” can indeed refer to Silent Hill and canceled games. In the past, Itō-san has shared concept art for a canceled SH title in 2013, and then there’s Hideo Kojima’s. And obviously, Masahiro Itō’s project was still on track in June 2021.

Is Itō-san’s secret game the Silent Hill seen in the pictures? It looks like it if we still rely on an old message. “I would try to use cherry blossoms as a horror element” he declared in 2018. This is precisely what we see on the picture above …

A Silent Hill in England that would break the 4th wall?

Apart from the images, Dusk Golem did not elaborate more than that on the game itself. He simply mentioned “SMS” and “Messages” which would refer to an old rumor from Alanah Pearce, developer at Santa Monica Studio (God of War Ragnarök). She had heard that the Silent Hills, designed by Hideo Kojima with Guillermo Del Toro and Norman Reedus, would have the player sign a waiver in order to be able to actually interact with him. How? By sending him e-mails or text messages. It’s hard to know if Dusk Golem is following up on this rumor or if he really got wind of something about it. We also wonder if this episode will be VR compatible or not.

On the side of the players, it has not been idle and several have scrutinized the smallest pixels of the leaked images. Did they make any discoveries? Yes, the game could be set in the UK. This theory would be based on the fact that there are several references to this territory, in particular the term “minger”. It’s British slang meaning “tuna” in the “ugly” sense. One of the images also reportedly reads “Team Robbo”, a nod to British artist King Robbo and his rivalry with another more famous street art artist, Banksy.

Mental health as a theme?

On the face of the young woman, we can also read “i hate myself”, “fat bitch” or even “pervert”. Phrases that lead one to think that this new PS5 Silent Hill game could explore mental health and possibly bullying. Or at least, doubting yourself, feeling bad about yourself. Themes that can perfectly stick to the horror genre. The excellent independent game Visage demonstrates this well.

Finally, compared to the young woman, it would be Fadile Waked, an actress of Brazilian and Lebanese origin, based in … Tokyo! Another find from ResetERA. She would have reacted in an Instagram story to the disclosure of her personal information after Internet users undertook extensive research. “My personal information that ends up on the Web? What is this mess ? Konami? “.

To be taken with a grain of salt, however, without the possibility of seeing the story in question. Not to mention that we can quickly see what we want to confirm a theory … However, another video of her still available shows her, PS5 controller in hand, in a Sony advertisement.

Finally, journalist Jeff Grubb has put his two cents in all these stories, especially on the notion of PS5 exclusivity. And for him, there is indeed a good chance that a Silent Hill game will be exclusive to PS5. The remake of the second opus? The new title? No idea.

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