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No rest for the wicked. Busy on several projects simultaneously, Insomniac Games is already preparing the ground for the production of Marvel’s Wolverine.

Marvel’s Wolverine is quietly sharpening its claws behind the scenes. While the game isn’t expected until at least 2024, the studio is ready to begin a major development milestone.

Development news for Marvel’s Wolverine

Development of Marvel’s Wolverine will begin soon. Announced in September 2021, the future PS5 exclusive has not given any news since. Normal, since the game is not expected for a long time and it will be released after Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, itself scheduled for 2023 at the earliest. Insomniac Games would also prepare other secret projects, including a multiplayer-oriented one. The studio is busy, but that does not prevent it from starting to prepare the ground for its adaptation of the famous X-Men.

Mike Yosh, lead animator on the game, tweeted to announce that the performance and motion capture phase of Marvel’s Wolverine PS5 was about to begin. ” So peaceful and quiet… It won’t stay that way for long “, he declared accompanied by an image where we distinguish the motion capture room of the Californian studio. More concretely, this means that the main animations of the exclusive and the cinematics will start to be captured in the next days and this for long weeks or even whole months.

A more mature and bloody game?

This therefore remains an important step in the development of such a game, since it will shape both the story and the gameplay afterwards. That said, filming with the actors should not start right away. However, this should be one of the next steps, considering that the production of Marvel’s Wolverine is still in its infancy anyway.

For now, we just know the game’s tone will be decidedly more adult than Marvel’s Spider-Man. And that’s clearly what we’d expect with Logan headlining. We imagine that the title will be more violent, even more bloody than what Insomniac Games has accustomed us to. It will surely be necessary to be patient before seeing Wolverine in action and having concrete news from the game.

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