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Age of Empires IV continues to offer content as planned and this time it’s season 1 and its lot of events.

For a few days now, Season 1 of Age of Empire IV has been available and with it a number of new features are coming. But above all also various special events during the spring from April 13 until June 30, 2022. Something to celebrate the return of the sun with more dignity.

Great new features with this Season 1

Among the big new features of Age of Empires IV, we will note the addition of a content editor for mod creation. Essential element to guarantee this type of game a very long life. Some game mechanics are also different with now a construction queue that has been reworked. Once defeated, you also now have the option to continue browsing the map. Finally, you can now access the MegaRandom map in the early game settings.

The Spring Festival for Age of Empires IV

A first wave of new challenges will be available on April 13 and will last until next April 27. During this short period, five challenges will be available and a reward will be offered the first time the player logs in. the second wave (nothing to do with the Covid) will start on May 4 and end on May 18.

In short, a great period for Age of Empires IV. For more information, you can even review the developers’ Twitch Live on the subject.

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