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New blow for the PS Plus Premium. This time it’s retro games that are in the spotlight after an update renders them nearly unplayable.

Decidedly the launch of the PS Plus Premium is done in pain. After the upgrade scandal that caused Sony to react to backtrack on pricing, early gamers of classic titles saw a lot of issues. Several experts in graphic decryption have also analyzed emulators for PS1, PS2 and PSP games and the conclusion is clear: they do not live up to expectations. Sony rolled out an emergency update in an attempt to improve things, but it didn’t quite backfire.

PS Plus Premium retro games ugly due to patch

Since the launch of PS Plus Premium, Asian gamers have noticed that all first-party PS1 games are based on original PAL versions and not NTSC which run at 60hz instead of 50hz. In other words, Sony chose to emulate the slower version. The publisher has, however, deployed a patch for ” improve the rendering of PAL games”, but the editor only made it worse.

A Twitter user has indeed noticed that the update creates ghosting severe, even on elements that do not move. More concretely, retro games are now marred by pixel traces and ghosting when players turn the camera or move quickly. The example on the images is quite telling, with split columns or cubes that create a particularly ugly feeling of blur.

The issue only affects a few PS1 games including Jumping Flash, Everybody’s Golf and Kurushi (Intelligent Qube). We just have to wait for the patch that fixes it, finally if another bug does not come to be added to the retro games of the PS Plus Premium with the next update.

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