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In England, Elden Ring is already breaking all sales records and surpassing Dark Souls 3. This very promising first constant does not even take digital copies of the game into account.

After a standing ovation from the press and players, Elden Ring also seems to have taken the road to commercial success. The first data from the United Kingdom are there to testify to this: it is FromSoftware’s biggest launch ever for a Souls game.

Dark Souls 3: You Perished

Three days after its arrival on the market, Elden Ring is already panicking the counters as reported by our colleagues from Gameindustry. UK, sales are 26% higher than Dark Souls 3 upon releasea figure that includes only physical copies. It now remains to know the number of digital units, but whatever happens, the success will only be greater.

At the start of 2022, this is the largest launch in stores alongside Horizon Forbidden West and Pokémon Legends Arceus. As a result, the two games mentioned pass respectively second and third in the charts.

Looking more closely, we realize that, like other productions, sales are largely on PS5 (63%), where physical predominates, followed by Xbox consoles (17%), PS4 (17%) and PC (3%).

Elden Ring victim of technical glitches

All smiles at Elden Ring? Yes and no. The game received a shower of top marks, sales are very promising, but it still has to deal with technical problems. Long story short, no platform, even the PC, currently maintains a stable framerate. Concerns reported to Bandai Namco and FromSoftware who will do the necessary with updates:

Regarding framerate issues and other performance issues, we will constantly work to improve the game to be playable in good conditions on different platforms and PC configurations. For the PC version, updating your graphics card drivers can significantly improve performance.

For your part, is the journey in the middle of the Entre Terre going well? Are you having a lot of performance issues? Do you still enjoy the game and how do you feel about other Souls? Tell us everything in comments.

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