Ray Tracing pushed to its maximum with the Unreal Engine 5

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The principle is very simple: every day of the week, find an unusual or humorous image in the form of a visual, GIF or video, related to the video game, high-tech or geek sphere which is in the news or which turns out to be completely timeless.

Do you know the Path Tracing*? Well to put it simply, it is the use of Ray Tracing without any concessions which aims to bring to light a virtual reproduction of light as close as possible to reality.

A sumptuous work of modeling and light management by artist Daniel Martinger, admire!

*the path tracing is a ray tracing technique, used to determine the global illumination of a 3D scene, which can go as far as generating the final image by progressive constitution. The image is initially only a fog of pixels which gradually refines until being rid almost completely of its “grain”.

This technique for rendering 3D images consists of casting rays in random directions from the camera lens, until these rays hit a geometric surface. At each impact, the ray will bounce again, losing energy with each bounce, until it hits the color black or a light source. The brightness and color of the very first point of impact will therefore be a weighting of the light and color of all the bounces that have taken place for a ray.

The advantage of this method is that it is not limited in the amount of bounces and achieves an integral ambient light model. (via)


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