PSN down after PS5 22.01-05 update

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After PlayStation 5 and PS4 system updates, access to online play is unavailable. Sony is on the spot but more titles are inaccessible (GT7, GTA Online…)

The PS5 and PS4 consoles were updated a few hours ago, and we have to believe that these firmwares had an unintended consequence. The PlayStation Network is experiencing turbulence and players are reporting that they no longer have access to the online game portion.

PSN is down

Recently, players have indeed been reporting an unavailability of the PlayStation Network, confirmed on the site allowing you to see the status of the service. This portal states that “some services are experiencing difficulties”which includes PSN.

Whether on PS5 or PS4, users are complaining that they cannot play FIFA 22, Destiny 2 or The Elder Scrolls Online online. Our colleagues from VGC corroborate and point out the impossibility of taking advantage of the multiplayer functionalities of Gran Turismo 7 or Street Fighter 5. For FIFA, some can navigate the online menus, but not start a match.

Sony Interactive Entertainment teams are looking for the cause of the outage:

Good morning ! Thank you for contacting us. We are aware that some players are having issues with the online play feature, we are investigating the issue immediately.

PlayStation Network outage: PS Now and Store affected

The PlayStation Network isn’t the only service down. The PS Now / Store and the “Games and social networks” category are unavailable. On the other hand, account management, PlayStation Video and Direct are ok. For the moment, we do not know the reason (s) for these disturbances, nor the Japanese firm will manage to settle everything during the day.

In player feedback, some claim that their PlayStation Plus subscription is no longer recognized.

Have you installed the latest PS5 update? Are you also having issues with online features? Tell us everything in comments.

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