PS5 and PC versions soon to be announced?

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Notice to those who are desperately awaiting the arrival of Bloodborne on PC and / or PS5, a reputable insider says that we could soon hear about it.

Strike while the iron is still hot. With the monumental success of Elden Ring, Sony and FromSoftware could soon give news of an expected game: the port of Bloodborne on PS5 and PC.

Soon an announcement of Bloodborne PC / PS5?

Soon something new for Bloodborne? Now that some have completed Elden Ring or discovered a whole new genre through it, many players are hoping that FromSoftware is back to life. At the top of the list of wildest hopes: a PS5 or PC port of Bloodborne. Good news, the legendary game released in 2015 could soon give its news.

In any case, this is what Colin Moriarty, IGN journalist at the microphone of the Sacred Symbols podcast, says. The air of nothing, he slipped a short sentence which is already starting to ignite the canvas. While discussing the best games on the PS4, the insider blurted out, “You haven’t heard the last of Bloodborne, I’m telling you.” Perhaps Summer Game Fest 2022 will finally be the chance to hear about the Bloodborne PC port that many have been dreaming of.

Sony could surf on the cardboard of Elden Ring

For the moment, we will have to be satisfied with that for the moment. However, the journalist had already been right in the past by announcing in advance Ratchet & Clank or even the remake of Demon’s Souls on PS5. This little teaser is therefore a good omen. There have been rumors for several months now that a PS4 exclusive upgrade is coming. Unsurprisingly, it would be about 60 fps, 4K and full compatibility with the DualSense controller.

In any case, we can clearly see Sony and FromSoftware surfing on the absolute cardboard of Elden Ring. A real commercial and critical success, the souls-like swept everything in its path at the start of the year. With 12 million followers found in February alone, Bloodborne PC and PS5 could attract a whole new audience. As usual, it will nevertheless be necessary to wait before knowing the end of the story. But since Sony is serious about ramping up ports of its PlayStation games to PC, it seems highly likely.

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