PS VR 2 launch game announced at State of Play?

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According to a YouTuber specializing in virtual reality, Killzone VR could be announced on PlayStation VR 2. He gave a brief behind-the-scenes look at a tumultuous development.

On the eve of a new State of Play dedicated to PS5 and PS VR 2 games, a serious rumor about a Killzone VR in development has surfaced. Explanations.

Killzone VR at the release of PS VR 2?

This Thursday, June 2, 2022 at 11:59 p.m., Sony Interactive Entertainment will speak for 30 minutes on the future of the PS5 and its third-party games, but also on PS VR 2 titles. According to PSVR Word, one ads could be Killzone VR.

In his latest video, he explains thata virtual reality Killzone game has reportedly been in development for several years at Supermassive Games for the PSVR 1. After producing the excellent Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and the more questionable The Inpatient / Bravo Team, Sony would go to the studio to entrust them with the Guerrilla Games franchise. It would be one of their PlayStation exclusives that haven’t shown any signs of life since 2018. Problem, not everything went as planned.

The manufacturer was apparently not satisfied with the progress made by Supermassive Games and would have preferred to get their hands on the game to design it in-house. Information that would date from 2019. The rest is theory. PSVR Word suggests that since the software was not going to be released anytime soon, the manufacturer would have had no interest in striving to develop this Killzone VR for a helmet awaiting being put away. Because of this, he rather thinks that Sony has switched its project directly to PS VR 2, and that it could even be a launch game.

Can the license return?

Killzone VR would therefore be one of the 20 big games of the PS VR 2 launch. Is it possible? Yes. PSVR Word has truly proven itself by revealing a preview of the technical characteristics of PlayStation VR 2, and had corroborated the rumor of the next State of Play.

But if the development has been taken over internally, who takes care of it? Guerrilla Games (Horizon Forbidden West), the creators of the saga, would they have agreed to come back to it? In any case, in their ranks, the studio has an element capable of supporting them to resuscitate the franchise. Indeed, Simon Larouche, a former Ubisoft who worked on Rainbow Six Siege, joined the structure in 2018. Firesprite, one of the newest PlayStation Studios, would also be a good candidate. They are behind Horizon Call of the Mountain, another IP Guerrilla Games adapted in VR.

To see if PlayStation really wants Killzone to return or not, because in 2021, we remember that the official site has closed its doors.

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