prepare your PS5, the game will weigh heavily!

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While Horizon Forbidden West has just landed on PS5, the release of PS5 exclusives will continue with the upcoming arrival of Gran Turismo 5.

The more time passes, the more information on Gran Turismo 7 accumulates, and if we were able to have good surprises by discovering the direction taken by Polyphony Digital, certain technical details are more complicated. This is particularly the case with the disk space that will be required for the game. If no one raises an eyebrow anymore when seeing titles that occupy more than 80GB, it is still a little more complicated for PS5 players who do not only have a reduced capacity SSD on their machine (660GB for a formatted machine).

You will therefore either have to make space or invest in an M.2 PCIe 4.0 SSD to be able to install Kazunori Yamauchi’s new game on your machine. Indeed, in January, we discovered that Gran Turismo 7 was going to require 90 GB of disk space, but it seems that this figure came from estimates that were a little too optimistic. The official PlayStation site has been updated, and we discover that the title will require “at least” 110 GB of free space.

Gran Turismo 7: the heavyweight of the race?

Yes, you read correctly, it’s a substantial figure, so much so that the physical PS4 version of Gran Turismo 7 will contain two Blu-Rays! It’s not new of course, but it will bring Polyphony Digital’s next title into the very big Triple A club alongside Cyberpunk 2077, The Last of Us Part II, Red Dead Redemption II or Final Fantasy VII. Remake.

It must be said that Kazunori Yamauchi’s studio promised us more than substantial content for GT7 with 420 cars and more than 90 tracks. In addition, this opus marks the return of solo activities with the many traditional championships, unlike what was initially done on Gran Turismo Sport. So we’re going to start the adventure the old-fashioned way, by investing our meager savings in a shabby compact to tackle the Sunday Cup, before going to slam our first racing bonuses at GT Auto to afford spare parts. competition. Remember that Gran Turismo 7 will be released on March 4 on PS4 and PS5.

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