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In fact, this is a regular sleep tracker, but with game elements.

Remember that viral game, Pokémon Go? In it, you had to run around the city and “catch” Pokemon. The other day, those same developers released a new part in which you need to sleep to get new characters.

In fact, Pokémon Sleep is a regular sleep tracker: you launch the app at night and put your smartphone next to your pillow, and in the morning you get a Pokémon. The longer you slept, the higher the chance of getting someone rare.

To track your sleep time and quality, the app uses a microphone and accelerometer sensors to recognize how much you toss and turn or snore. It also has an alarm clock.

And those who installed the app are already sharing their first reviews – and some of them are quite juicy. As it turns out, Pokémon Sleep picks up even relatively quiet sounds, so some players were surprised to learn that while they sleep, they not only yawn and snore, but also involuntarily pass gases.

However, all audio recordings are stored for only 24 hours, after which they are automatically deleted. In this case, you can always refuse to record sounds, but in this case, users will be deprived of some basic functions.

You can download Pokémon Sleep for free from the App Store and Google Play. To run on iPhone, you need iOS 14 or later.

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