Obviously the Valve console is easy to repair

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Casually the repairability of a console is an important element to take into account and the Steam Deck seems to be easy to repair. All this according to the famous iFixit site

iFixit, which is a bit of a specialist site for dissecting, hacking and repairing high-tech products, has just announced that the Steam Deck is the easiest modern console on the market to repair. So much so that it has just obtained the note of 7/10 in repairability.

A list of components for sale

The site has even compiled a list of the various components of the Steam Deck, the majority of which will be for sale directly on the site. Some components were even on sale before the official launch by mistake:

We have published a few pages related to the upcoming launch of our parts with Valve. They went live earlier than expected, and we ended up taking them down. If you have placed a parts order, we will honor it. ?

Stay tuned for the real launch soon!

The battery, missing from the Steam Deck components

The major problem is that the Steam Deck battery is not in the list of components that will be for sale on the site. Aware of the problem, Kyles Wiens, the CEO of iFixit also explained to The Verge that for the moment there was no solution to repair the battery.

Note also that Reddit users had the eye to notice that the iFixit site offered a page dedicated to the battery of the Steam Deck but also… its SSD! A good sign for the future, hopefully.

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