NZXT Function TEST: A fully customizable keyboard

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This time we will focus on the test of the other first peripheral of the manufacturer NZXT, namely the customizable Function keyboard. This is what we can say about it.

After testing the first mouse from NZXT (i.e. the Lift) we were also able to obtain for the occasion the NZXT Function, the very first keyboard from the manufacturer which aims to offer a lot of customization, which is still quite rare on the market, especially at this level. A device that obviously goes well with the Lift mouse.

Very extensive customization.

The NZXT that we were able to obtain has this particularity in terms of design that it is a MiniTKL format, i.e. without a numeric keypad and with borders that are reduced for a minimum size, it’s even smaller than the classic TKL format. We are clearly on something very minimalist, which has its charm, for a total of 89 keys. Be careful, however, if you are allergic to this format, we can understand you, the keyboard is also available in full size and TKL format. Each time a difference of 10 euros applies and the full size format is the most expensive of the 3 for a total of 139 euros. Two colors exist and not 6 as for the Lift mouse, we will be satisfied with a black version and a white version (the one that we were able to obtain). But the manufacturer makes up for it with an almost total customization of the keyboard.

Gateron RED for more versatility

Indeed, on the official site, a tool called BLD allows you to choose the language of your keyboard, the type of switches among 5 namely: Gateron Brown, Gateron Blue, Gateron Red, Gateron Aliaz SIlent, Gateron Silent Black Ink. Then you can choose the color of the PBT (plastic) of the keys between gray and black. NZXT even lets you choose the accent color for the escape, enter and directional crosses. We simply regret that this is not the case on the traditional ZQSDs. Finally, for ultimate good taste, it is possible to choose the color of its cable. Just class?

There are anti-slip pads and two risers under the keyboard that allow you to raise the keyboard a little on your desk and tilt it slightly for more pleasant use. On the switch side, here we have linear Gateron Red. Why ? Because it’s the closest thing to the Cherry MX Red we’re used to. The Gateron Red requires an activation force of 45 grams, which is relatively light and it is also quite quiet compared to the others, it is from our point of view the most versatile switches in the range. Useful for both office automation and video games.

Very good comfort

After several hours of use the comfort is indeed present and it is a real pleasure to play with this keyboard. Again if the MiniTKL format is not for you, you can choose the full size format, the difference is minimal and all the rest of the features are the same. Usually we prefer full size formats, but it is clear that this small format allows you to take your keyboard everywhere, a perfect asset for backpackers. It is also very light since 718 grams on the scale. This is the format that best matches the pair with the Lift mouse, which is resolutely eSport and transportable.

Finally, as with the Lift mouse, we find the in-house NZXT software which will allow you to customize the RGB and above all save profiles according to the type of game you want and according to personal preferences. The software even allows you to touch other PC components such as fans. It’s still less complete and pleasant to use than other competitors like the Corsair iCUE.

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