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Intel had some problems with its first drivers for its Arc Alchemist cards. And Nvidia took the opportunity to thumb its nose at all this through a new video.

Nvidia is a confident company. And in the manufacturer’s latest video, the greens don’t hesitate to praise the merits (rightly) of graphics drivers. With this kind of statement as a bridgehead “since their release in May 2014, NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready drivers are best in class“.

A statement to show the muscles

Here is what can be found on the Nvidia site:

Since the program’s launch in 2014, NVIDIA has released over 150 Game Ready Drivers for daily support of over 400 games. In 2021 alone, we released 20 Game Ready drivers supporting 75 games. In addition to the compatible titles we list in our graphics driver articles and release notes, we have dedicated teams for Unreal Engine, Unity, and other state-of-the-art development engines. Thus, the thousands of independent PC games released each year, being exclusively based on the tools and functionalities provided by these engines, work perfectly as soon as they are launched.

A laborious creation process for Nvidia

Creating pilots is a long-term job and for those who are interested, the manufacturer goes into detail on the subject not only in the video above but also via this long statement. The figures are quite staggering, see instead:

So the solution is this: a huge automated test matrix covering more than 4,500 GPU, CPU, RAM, and OS configurations, with hardware dating back to 2012. We test every game and driver with these desktop and laptop configurations to maximize Game Ready driver and game reliability.

Now you know a little more about the work involved!

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