Nvidia releases its new drivers, Evil Dead in the crosshairs

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It is now recurrent, Nvidia wishes to intensify the release of its drivers to adapt to the release of each game. This time it obviously concerns among other things the game Evil Dead.

Unlike the competition, Nvidia obviously wants to react to the quarter turn for the release of big games and immediately offer graphics drivers to manage the optimization as well as possible. For this new driver pack, it mainly concerns The Evil Dead: The Game, but not only…

Evil Dead at the center of interest for Nvidia?

As you can see in the video above, Nvidia is aiming to go big for The Evil Dead with the promotion of its infamous DLSS 2.0 technology. The manufacturer even specifies that the new GeForce Game Ready Driver allows owners of a GeForce RTX graphics card to gain up to 85% performance by simply activating this technology. It’s still a good percentage.

For those who want complete details you can also find the graph below which is particularly exhaustive on the subject:

In 4K with a “simple” RTX 3060 Ti we go up to 78 FPS with the DLSS active against 41 FPS without. It’s still quite amazing, especially if you compare it to the beginnings of the technology a few years ago.

Note also the release day support for Vampire: The Masquerade. To download the new drivers, just go to the official website and choose your graphics card model.

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