Nintendo Switch: Sales exceed the course of the Wii

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We knew that the Nintendo Switch was a great success, but obviously the console exceeds all expectations for the Japanese company. Its famous Wii has just been overtaken in sales volume.

Nintendo’s financial report is an opportunity to learn a lot about the Nintendo Switch in terms of numbers. We can thus learn that 103.54 million consoles sold worldwide. The figures for the Wii are therefore beaten since it had managed to reach the (already maddening) sum of 100.9 million of buyers.

Champagne for Nintendo!

In detail it is also stunning with 10.67 million consoles which thus elapsed between the 1str October and December 31. The end-of-year celebrations were a real blessing for Nintendo. If it is not the best-selling home console in the world, it is clearly the biggest success of the Japanese firm.


Because yes, it still remains to exceed the PlayStation 4 with 118.69 million sales and the PS2 with more than 155 million copies. But at this rate, it’s hard to believe that it won’t happen one day. Especially since for the time being, we have not yet had the right to a famous “Switch Pro” which could, if it comes out one day, boost sales.

Finally, the last data that makes your head spin: 766.47 million Nintendo Switch games sold. It must be said that the exclusives are numerous and the games arrive in batches each year.

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