Nintendo Switch: Firmware 12.0.3 update 13.2.1 is here, minimum service

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Like almost every month, Nintendo gives us a new update for its portable Switch. The year 2022 begins with the arrival of firmware 13.2.1.

To break with tradition, Nintendo has chosen to span the month of December to come back in better shape with a new update for the Switch. Unfortunately for players still looking for new features, version 13.2.1 should quickly be placed in the category of minor updates.of those which are accompanied by this incomplete press release:

General system stability improvements have been made to improve the user experience.

Gruntilda the Switch

So here is your beautiful leg, and your day redone. However, this update officially available since January 19 could notably prepare for the arrival of a certain Banjo-Kazooie in the Nintendo Switch Online + Additional Pack subscription. Indeed, the classic of the old-fashioned 3D platform and worthy representative of the collect-a-thon will be available very soon:

For the rest, you just have to go and check in the settings of your Switch that the new firmware has been applied. To perform the update manually, in the event that this is not offered to you, simply go to the Settings menu of the console then the Console sub-menu, at the very bottom of the left column. The Console Update option awaits you there.

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