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Will we finally get FF7 Remake 2 news in addition to the new Final Fantasy 16 trailer? All hopes are allowed for the anniversary of the license.

Square Enix is ​​preparing big announcements for Final Fantasy’s anniversary. This year, the cult license will blow its 35and candle and the Japanese publisher obviously intends to celebrate with great fanfare. Already last December, the Japanese firm prepared the ground with a new logo to teaser the event. Since then, it’s been dead calm except for a collection of clothes to be released with us on May 27 at Uniqlo. This, however, is about to change.

Big announcements around the license

In its last financial report, Square Enix has indeed confirmed that it is preparing to make big waves. The publisher has confirmed that it will make several announcements this month or at the latest next month. Right in time for the Summer Game Fest festivities, the big replacement for E3. But what is he preparing for us?

We already know that Final Fantasy 16 will finally come out of its great silence with a trailer which should be accompanied by a release date. Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis, the mobile game retracing the events of all the games in this opus, should also specify its launch. Nevertheless, the Final Fantasy saga could have other surprises in store for us.

Will FF7 Remake 2 finally show up?

Starting with the long-awaited FF7 Remake 2, which seems appropriate. Yoshinori Kitase, producer of the game, said he wanted to unveil the second part of the adventures of Cloud and his gang for the 35and license anniversary. The timing seems more than perfect and we could finally discover a teaser or a trailer if the publisher feels generous.

The event would also be an opportunity to unveil another project that would be hatched in secret. The Nvidia leak, which is almost flawless, indeed mentioned a certain Final Fantasy 9 Remake, of which little is known except for its potential existence. Maybe we will finally have a confirmation soon? Square Enix should also have other surprises for the most hardcore fans, especially in terms of goodies, figurines and other merchandising.

And you? Are you hoping for an FF7 Remake 2 teaser in addition to the Final Fantasy 16 trailer?

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