New Xbox Series X models in the works?

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Is Microsoft preparing new models of the Xbox Series X? New rumors are fueling the famous “Project Keystone”.

It’s an open secret, manufacturers are already working on their next technologies. While Sony was already working on its PS5 Pro, Microsoft would be finalizing a more powerful chip for its Xbox Series X.

A new chip for the Xbox Series X

The new generation consoles would soon move up a gear. For several weeks, it has been rumored that Sony is already working on its PS5 Pro. A model that should be less imposing than the current beast, more powerful and with better ray tracing. For its part, Microsoft would not heat up either. According to Brad Sams, who had revealed several information on the Xbox Series X before the time, the Redmond firm would also prepare an improved model. Finally somehow.

The journalist specializing in new technologies has indeed fueled a new rumor on his YouTube channel. According to him, Microsoft is already working on a more compact and more efficient version of the chip that powers it. It would already be at an advanced stage. Nevertheless, theinsider tempers the enthusiasm of the players, there would be no big changes on the horizon. It would not mean more power for the console, but it would provide better temperature control and be less power-hungry.

Project Keystone, a more powerful Xbox?

In short, it would not be the new and mysterious Xbox Series, known for now as “Project Keystone”. This new chip is more in line with the ecological ambition of the American giant, which is committed to providing less energy-consuming consoles. It should therefore not come to nestle under the hood of this secret project, expected to be much more than a simple revision and more powerful.

On the contrary, nothing excludes that Microsoft is looking at an Xbox Series X of the same size as its little sister which would embed this alternative chip. Another possibility is an all-digital console in the vein of the PS5 Digital Edition. One thing is certain, in the face of supply problems, the improved models of the consoles current-gen are not for now. It will probably be necessary to count on at least 2023/2024.

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