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As we know, Microsoft wants to focus on accessibility by offering products that can be used by people with disabilities. In this light, they come

Microsoft has wanted to offer a lot of things for the disabled for a few years. The goal is to allow people who suffer from various physical problems to be able to use their products and, more broadly, computers and video games.

A range on accessibility

On the occasion of the Ability Summit, Microsoft made several announcements to advocate better accessibility. For this, we were able to discover a new range for PC which is called “Microsoft Adaptive Accessories”. Behind this name hides modular and customizable products to best meet the type of disability of each.

For this fall

Here is what Microsoft explains on its website:

Microsoft today unveiled a new ecosystem of adaptive, easy-to-use accessories to enable people who have difficulty using traditional mice and keyboards to create their ideal setup to get the most out of their PC and apps. favourites. Equipped with three connectors, the accessories allow each user to 3D print custom parts that meet their specific needs. Composed of three main elements that can be printed in 3D, Microsoft’s new accessories can be adapted to the specific needs of each person.

New features for Microsoft, Edge, and Xbox

In particular, Microsoft wants to bring a lot of new features to the software side, in particular to help people with disabilities to be able to write or read like everyone else.

  • Focus is designed to help people with ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder with/without Hyperactivity) focus by limiting distractions and mental fatigue.
  • Live Captions automatically transcribes any audio content on Windows for people who are deaf and hard of hearing.
  • Voice Access: allows anyone to control their PC and create content in any application using voice
  • Natural Narrator: a state-of-the-art speech synthesis equipped with natural voices, able to react instantly, even without an internet connection.

These are some great initiatives that hopefully can help a lot of people.

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