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A film adaptation of a video game is not always a pretty exciting moment even if the result is not always up to par. Fans have been waiting for something from Bioshock for a long time and things are finally starting to move.

If cinema is a source of inspiration for video games, the reverse is obviously also true. Especially in terms of famous adaptations like the very recent Uncharted currently in dark rooms. Thus, we can learn that the excellent Bioshock will finally have the right to a nice transition (we hope) on the big screen.

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The project will therefore be articulated thanks to Netflix, 2K and Take-Two Interactive who are joining forces to produce this film adaptation. This is not the first time that we have heard of an adaptation since in 2008 already, Gore Verbinski behind Pirates of the Caribbean had plans to adapt the license to the screen. The project had not seen the light of day because the director needed … 200 million dollars. Inevitably, this has something to cool the spirits a little.

What to expect with this Bioshock at the cinema?

Netflix is ​​not always synonymous with quality and we hope that respect for the original work is present. But in general, the first game is a real gold mine since Bioshock allows many madnesses as much in fantasy as in horror.

The discovery of the city of Rapture, the emblematic character of Andrew Ryan, the Little Sisters… It is a mixture of multiple influences that can offer a very beautiful rendering on the screen.

For the moment we have neither release date nor especially name of director or actor. Wait and see.

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