more than 2.5 billion dollars paid to indies

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Microsoft announces that its ID @ Xbox program, which funds independent studios to release their games on the Game Pass, is a success.

According to the latest blog post published on Xbox Wire, and signed by Chris Carla (Xbox General Manager of content curation), Microsoft has paid over $2.5 billion in royalties to indie developers. Remember that the idea of ​​the program [email protected] is to help finance independent productions. Of course, the trade-off is that developers have to agree to release their day one games on Game Pass. Microsoft’s objective is to offer a particularly well-stocked catalog to its subscribers.

Xbox Game Pass: the guaranteed jackpot?

Since the start of the program, independent developers have received over $2.5 billion in royalties, while the overall revenue generated by partners [email protected] Xbox has nearly doubled over the past three years.

-Chris Charla

Although the article also explains that the program has seen more than 11,000 developers sign up over the past two years, we learn that there are still some problems.

One of the major topics where we discuss with players and developers is visibility. Microsoft teams work every day to improve the visibility of games, so that players find the titles they love, and that developers find an audience for their productions.

Head in the clouds

At the Games Developers Conference held last week, Microsoft introduced a new program called [email protected] The objective is to help indie developers to be able to take advantage of the Redmond firm’s Cloud technologies. We also remind you that an Xbox division specially dedicated to the cloud was formalized a few days ago. The latter is led by Kim Swift, who served as project lead and designer on Portal (Valve). She then worked on Left4Dead. You understood, for the firm of Satya Nadella, the future is in the cloud.

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