Modern Warfare II announces a reveal for June in video

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Will you take a dose of Call of Duty Modern Warfare II with your ice cream for this sunny month of June? Activision announces a video reveal.

We have just learned via a brand new video that the game Call of Duty Modern Warfare II will have the right to a complete presentation on June 8 nextnot. In the meantime, fans can feast on the video in question above, all CGI, with no hint of gameplay.

A Call of Duty page on the PS Store

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II will launch on October 28, 2022. A PlayStation Store page is currently live to add to your wishlist.

A single-player campaign for the game?

We have known for some time that a single player mode for CoD Modern Warfare 2 will indeed be present. According to rumors the game would focus on the cartel war. We would embody US special forces in the fight against drug trafficking, Sicario style (2015 film).

More information should arrive during the presentation on June 8, in particular on the modes of online games, the beta or even details on the course of the narrative campaign. It is also unknown if the game will also be released on old gen consoles or only on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series.

In short, still a lot of unanswered questions.

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