Microsoft Flight Simulator: Beautiful optimizations to be expected

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If Microsoft Flight Simulator is a technical slap, the game is not necessarily an example in terms of optimization. Microsoft knows this and great things are in the works.

A World update has just been deployed and it focuses on Australia. The video above will give you a good overview. It’s up to you to fly over the largest coral reef in the world or even the beauty of Mount Wellington. But that’s not all.

Did you say optimization?

In addition to the content itself, Microsoft has announced that it has worked on a very big novelty and not the least, this one concerns optimization: Adding DLSS 2.0 and an update to DirectX 12. DLSS is Nvidia’s life-saving super-sampling technology that really allows you to significantly increase the framerate without visual loss.

DX12 steering

Finally, if Microsoft Flight Simulator offers two versions of DirectX, namely DirectX 11 and DirectX 12, version 11 currently offers much higher performance. The new update therefore aims to change this trend and optimize DX12.

If the World Australia update is available, the optimization update should land a little later in the year (without further details).

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