Metroid Prime 4: Retro Studios continues to recruit

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More than four and a half years after its official announcement, we know almost nothing about Metroid Prime 4. And it’s not the announcement of new recruitments that is likely to change the situation.

In January 2019, Nintendo announced that the development of the fourth episode of the series started on GameCube was starting from scratch and was now in the hands of Retro Studios, which had already signed the first three Metroid Prime. Since then, recruitments are linked without stopping, and the Texan studio has already managed to poach an incredible list of talents passed by Dreamworks, Rockstar, Santa Monica Studios, Crystal Dynamics or Activision.

The Metroid Merit Prime

But while we thought the full workforce and the announcements dried up, Retro Studios sets off again with renewed vigor in the hunt for talent:

We are looking for a Tooling Engineer and a Technology Engineer to join us on this journey of developing Metroid Prime 4!

The page devoted to recruitment lists two new job offers which once again attest to the scale of the Metroid Prime 4 project, since it will be necessary to justify six years of experience in the first case, and seven in the second.

The day after tomorrow is far

If we can only wonder about the state of progress of the project in view of this new campaign, remember that Retro Studios was recently looking for testers to rub shoulders with Metroid Prime 4, a sign that a playable prototype is already in the pipes.

One of the few bits of information regarding Metroid Prime 4 is perhaps for lack of anything better to be found in one of producer Kensuke Tanabe’s recent statements:

Nintendo’s philosophy of creating games has always been to not ignore the casual gamer audience. This principle is just as true with regard to the Metroid Prime series: these are games that at first glance give the impression of having been designed only for core players.

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