Mass Effect 5 gives its news, the game is still far from being released

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BioWare gave an update on Mass Effect 5 and its development. The developers seem to want to take their time to avoid repeating the mistakes made with Andromeda.

Things are moving on the side of BioWare. While the American studio is working on Dragon Age 4, a second team is designing what is called Mass Effect 5 for now. The developers have the merit of being clear: one of the projects is progressing well, the other is only in its infancy.

News from the development of Mass Effect 5

BioWare is trying to regain its former glory. With the failure of Anthem and Mass Effect Andromeda, the studio has disappointed and is fully aware of it. This is the new cornerstone of the developers, and the new director at their head had not hidden his desire to restore the image of BioWare. The American firm has no room for error for its next projects and knows it.

It’s no longer a secret that the development of Dragon Age 4 continues its course and reached the middle of its production phase last January. Nevertheless, the machine also seems to be engaged for the next Mass Effect. Did you think Mass Effect 5 had already started development? Well no. In a new blog post, BioWare gave updates on the next installment in the franchise. The good news is that things are moving forward for the new part of the saga. The bad news is that it is only at the beginning of its development cycle.

A still distant exit

There’s also the next game in the Mass Effect universe, which has now entered early development. We will have to wait a while before we can talk about it in more detail. But we can’t wait to show you what we’re working on.


In other words, Mass Effect 5 isn’t ready for release. It’s not a revelation, but the game clearly seems to be at an earlier stage than expected. Remember that it was still announced in December 2020 with a first teaser. At this rate, and following the average development time of the studio’s current productions, we should not hope to get our hands on it before at least 2026. In the meantime, fans can turn to Dragon Age 4 which will give its news to the course of the year. According to the latest rumors, the next adventures in the lands of Thedas could arrive at the earliest by the end of summer 2023.

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