Marvel’s Midnight Suns Should Show Its Redesign Soon

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After a very long silence, Marvel’s Midnight Suns would finally be about to show “its big redesign”. With a release date in the key? It’s possible.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns has been off the radar since its postponement was announced, just three months after the game was revealed. This, however, is about to change. Firaxis Games’ XCOM-like should reappear very soon.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Could Show Its Redesign Soon

Marvel’s Midnight Suns will finally reveal its new face. In any case, this is what the insider Tom Henderson (via TryHardGuides) says, who indulged in a few indiscretions. According to him, the game would have indeed undergone “a big overhaul” since the last time he showed up. If Henderson does not reveal the nature, it could be directly related to the gameplay and its card mechanics which had cooled some since it introduces a notion of chance in the fights.

The title should therefore make its return during the opening ceremony of the Summer Game Fest 2022 on Thursday June 9 at 8 p.m. A never-before-seen trailer to show off these changes and reveal a new release date for the game. Will the devs deliver on the promise of a launch during the second half of 2022 or will they need more time to polish more gameplay elements? Reply very soon, probably.

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