Marvel Midnight Suns: The Xcom-Like sauce Marvel delivers a date on video

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The Summer Game Fest was a great time for Marvel fans as we were able to discover more in depth a certain Marvel Midnight Suns.

What is Marvel Midnight Suns? It’s an Xcom-like by the creators of Xcom or simply the Firaxis studio. And it’s also the 2K editor to production. In short, a guarantee of quality that should allow you to have a quality tactical Marvel game in your hands. In any case, this is what we hope from the bottom of our hearts.

Full of Marvel Superheroes for the occasion

As you could see in the video above, we can see the fine team of Marvel characters both on the side of the bad guys and the “good guys” with in particular a certain Venom and Spiderman.

The game is scheduled for October 7, 2022. It is also the little surprise of the trailer which is visible above.

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