Intel: The manufacturer insists on not overclocking Alder Lake non-K processors

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Not long ago, we learned that it was possible (with the necessary knowledge) to overclock non-K AIder Lake processors. Except that Intel still prefers to warn the clever ones. See instead.

A non-K processor is not supposed to be overclockable. Except that smart guys have managed to do it (in fairly good conditions), especially with the Intel Core i5-12400 model. Neither one nor two, Intel preferred to warn users about such a procedure which could cause serious concern.

Intel warns

In particular, the company points out that overclocking the processor voids the chip’s warranty and can damage both the processor itself and other computer components. Journalists from the Tom’s Hardware site contacted Intel, here is their response:

Intel’s 12th generation non-K processors were not designed for overclocking. Intel does not guarantee the operation of processors beyond their specifications. Changing the clock frequency or voltage may damage or reduce the life of the processor and other system components, as well as its stability and performance.

This possibility of overclocking is obviously an error on the part of the manufacturer and it is therefore quite possible that the new BIOS updates will reduce it to nothing. When in doubt, we can strongly advise you to avoid manipulation, especially if you don’t really have the know-how to overclock a more “classic” K model.

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