info on a future CoD game, a date for Warzone 2?

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Reporter Tom Henderson has shared the first details about Call of Duty 2024. Meanwhile, the release window for CoD: Warzone 2 has reportedly leaked.

Despite the oven of Call of Duty Vanguard, this episode will be fueled as much as possible. Moreover, Snoop Dogg will join this opus in a few days as an operator. And to better arm itself for the rest of the festivities, the publisher is already looking ahead with a CoD 2024. Nothing official, but here is the information that would have leaked about it.

Sledgehammer Games on the new Call of Duty

According to Tom Henderson, the CoD 2024 is obviously developed by the developers of Sledgehammer Games. His sources also told him that the game would already be in its pre-production phase.

Will it still be during World War II? Nothing is certain, but the scriptwriter of the previous title would like to write stories for Call of Duty Vanguard 2 and 3.

We went into this process thinking, “How do you create iconic characters for CoD, knowing that there aren’t really any right now. When you think of Halo, you think of Master Chief, but when you think of Call of Duty, there are no such characters that stick in the memory, and so we asked ourselves the question: “Who could be our flagship CoD characters?”, because we want to do Vanguard 2 and Vanguard 3 because we have two more stories that we would really like to tell with these protagonists.

So here is a lead for this component which should normally be released in 2024, since there will logically be a one-year break.

Warzone, Activision’s free-to-play battle royale

When is Warzone 2 coming out?

For the end of 2022, Activision will fill its schedule with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Warzone 2 will fill the schedule in 2023 in the absence of a new software. But when exactly?

According to @TheGhostOfHope, who has leaked details about the franchise in the past, Warzone 2 would be available in March 2023.

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