in the face of the scandal Sony backtracks on the upgrade

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The players have been heard. Following the controversy that erupted yesterday over the pricing policy for the PS Plus Premium upgrade, Sony is backtracking.

A few hours ago, Asian players made a most disconcerting discovery. Their upgrade to PS Plus Premium could cost over $100 due to a policy that many consider unfair. Faced with the controversy Sony was forced to react.

Sony reacts to the controversy and backtracks

The first backlash from the PS+ upgrade has been emulated. At the launch of the new PS Plus offers in Asia, some players who had an active subscription for a few more years found themselves faced with baffling sums. Sony had warned that the upgrade would be done pro rata to the remaining days, of course. However, the Japanese publisher was careful not to say that the promotions would not be taken into account and that the difference would have to be paid. Inevitably, the bill was salty for some.

In the process, an official email from Hong Kong customer service confirmed that this was a voluntary practice. However, faced with the virulent reactions of the players, Sony quickly took the floor on social networks. The company finally pleads a technical problem.

A real mistake when billing the PS Plus Premium?

“Due to a technical issue, players in Asia who have already purchased a discounted PS Plus subscription have been incorrectly charged the price of their upgrade. This error has since been corrected and affected players will receive a refund. We thank you for your patience. »

A pretty hard-to-swallow excuse that exposes two possible scenarios. The Asian customer service email was indeed a mistake and had not been informed of the official strategy. It seems unlikely that the competent people are not briefed for the launch of such important new offers. Either Sony has simply changed its tune in the face of the discontent of the players and is trying to pass it off as a technical problem in order to avoid tarnishing its image. In any case, the launch of the new PS Plus on June 22 should be done with less shock for us. And this time it’s confirmed: your promotions won’t cancel each other out.

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