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The Summer Game Fest 2022 really begins tonight with its dedicated conference. We tell you everything there is to know about this event, the confirmed games, those expected and the craziest and most credible rumours.

After a tantalizing appetizer with Sony’s State of Play, things are about to get serious. The launch of the Summer Game Fest festivities is fast approaching and the event also promises to be rich in announcements. PS5, Xbox Series, PC and Nintendo Switch there should be something for everyone. Date, time, how to watch the conference, what to expect? We do a little recap.

It’s the big night. After weeks of teasing, Summer Game Fest 2022 will officially kick things off with its own conference. A show that we are promised exceptional which will be held this Thursday, June 9 at 8 p.m. (French time). No exact duration has been confirmed, but it will take at least 90 minutes minimum. You will have to prepare the snacks in advance. As usual, the event will be broadcast on several media and communication channels including the official Game Awards channels on Twitch and YouTube. The official event account should also share the announcements more or less in real time on its social networks. However, you can count on us to be on the job and to give you all the big announcements tonight.

What to expect for this edition?

But do you really have to be hyped for this Summer Game Fest 2022? Of course, Geoff Keighley says the players need to be impatient because it’s going to be a crazy night. It must be said that in previous years, many publishers and developers have been particularly affected by the pandemic. Many games have been delayed, to the point that some have completely disappeared from circulation. Tonight may be their big comeback.

Less news announced, but a big show

As usual, the Summer Game Fest 2022 conference will throw “World Premieres” all the way. However, this designation does not only concern the new games announced exclusively during the event. Faced with a probably a little too overflowing enthusiasm from the fans, the organizer wanted to temper their expectations. The SGF 2022 conference will primarily focus on games already known.

“We have a few new announcements and a few surprises if everything holds together. But the conference mainly focuses on things already announced. We’re planning some great things, but temper your expectations of mega-shocking announcements, it’s not The Game Awards Beware of some crazy rumors I’ve seen. »

– Geoff Keighley

There will be fewer new games announced, but that won’t mean a discounted show. As Keighley recalled, Elden Ring had already been heralded when it ignited that same scene last year. We can therefore expect the return with great fanfare of titles that went into a long silence. Others should specify their release date or finally reveal their gameplay.

The confirmed games of SGF 2022

One Piece Odyssey Summer Game Fest 2022

If the SGF conference holds more surprise announcements, its organizers did not hesitate to confirm the presence of a handful of them. Starting with the emulator of Dead Space, The Callisto Protocol which will reveal its first gameplay extracts. Freshly announced, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 will preview a gameplay demo of its main campaign. Among those who will reveal their gameplay, One Piece Odyssey will also show what it has in its belly. The JRPG with Bandai sauce will also present its mechanics, with why not a release date to the key.

It was one of the insistent rumors, it is now confirmed. Yes Marvel’s Midnight Suns will be at Summer Game Fest 2022. The XCOM superhero version would have had the right to an overhaul after the announcement of its postponement and we should finally see it. Keeping with the theme, Batman’s proteges will return with a gameplay sequence from Gotham Knights. Robin and Red Hood having already had the honors, it should be the turn of the duo Nightwing and Batgirl. As a little State of Play surprise, Street Fighter 6 will also pop a head to reveal new gameplay footage and at least one new character. Well the surprise won’t really be one since the roster has already leaked.

The Sonic Frontiers cold shower should continue, since the blue hedgehog is cordially invited to the event. In the middle of these big productions, some more confidential games will be highlighted. Starting with Nightingale, the first production from Aaryn Flynn’s new studio (Mass Effect). Frost Giant Studios’ first RTS, featuring Starcraft and Blizzard veterans, will be announced at Summer Game Fest 2022. ‘attach.

Games planned for the conference

The Wolf Among Us 2

The Summer Game Fest teaser trailer has more or less confirmed a few games including TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge, The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, Saints Row should also be there. Among the thirty publishers who will provide the show, we will find Telltale Games. The developer had promised news of The Wolf Among Us 2 this year, it seems to be the right one. The free-to-play Fall Guys and Genshin Impact should also announce new collaborations for the first and new content for the second.

Square Enix promised some fanfare announcements this summer for Final Fantasy’s 35th anniversary and so far the publisher hasn’t disappointed. Info around the 25the anniversary of the seventh opus are still waiting. The Japanese firm could, however, take advantage of the scale of the Summer Game Fest to create a surprise and give a taste of the highly anticipated FF7 Remake 2 and why not the FF9 Remake mentioned by the Nvidia leak.

Could also be present this evening: A Plague Tale Requiem, which will ensure the show of the Tribeca Festival, Diying Light 2 to present its first narrative DLC, Hogwarts Legacy and ATLUS which should still go against the expectations of a port of Persona 5 Royal on Switch and/or Xbox to talk about a game that we will have forgotten once the event is over. Hazel Light (It Takes Two) is also expected to announce his new game.

Summer Game Fest 2022 Rumor Update

god of war ragnarok

For the rest of the games featured, rumors are rife, some more persistent and crazier than others. Hollow Knight: Silksong could finally emerge from its long silence during the Summer Game Fest 2022. The title expected like the messiah at each Nintendo Direct, the sequel to the nugget of Team Cherry has been teased by one of the members of its marketing team . Real clue or wet firecracker? Answer tonight. A reliable insider also teased a Quantic Dream announcement during the festivities. It seems unlikely at this point that it will be Star Wars Eclipse, but we know that the French studio is working on several projects at the same time, including a dark fantasy game.

The most persistent rumor remains the release date announcement for God of War Ragnarok. Several clues have been pointing in this direction for weeks and the game’s PS Store page was updated only a few hours before the start of the conference. Final Fantasy 16 had the right to a similar manipulation just before setting fire to State of Play in June. A certain The Last of Us Remake is also anticipated. It remains to be seen whether Microsoft and Nintendo will also make announcements or keep them warm for their respective events.

Impossible to have a Geoff Keighley event without citing a rumor around his great friend: Hideo Kojima. The father of MGS and Silent Hill takes pleasure in teasing his current project for several months or at least his projects. Norman Reedus spilled the beans for Death Stranding 2 as a certain horror game titled Overdose ignited the web yesterday. Who will show up tonight? Perhaps the second, since journalist Tom Henderson claims to have had access to a teaser. The timing does not seem trivial, but it remains only pure speculation.

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