Horizon, God of War and Gran Turismo series confirmed

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Predictably, even more PlayStation adaptations are planned. And yes, there will be many Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War series. But not only.

Sony’s cross-media strategy is intensifying. After the commercial success of the film Uncharted, the publisher is preparing several projects for the cinema such as the small screen. This is particularly the case with the film Ghost of Tsushima or the series The Last of Us and Twisted Metal. And it’s not over.

Even more PlayStation series

During its annual presentation, the Japanese publisher confirmed that it still had three adaptations of its large licenses in stock. Jim Ryan announced God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn and Gran Turismo series tonight. The first is currently in development at Amazon Prime Video, as a rumor had predicted, while Aloy’s adventures will find their place in the Netflix catalog. As for the Gran Turismo series, no broadcaster has been announced yet.

Sony’s ambitions are clear: to extend PlayStation licenses to small and large screens. And the box of the film Uncharted with Tom Holland should only reinforce this strategy. Despite sometimes harsh reviews, the adaptation took it all at the box office, exceeding $400 million in revenue. The publisher therefore seems to want to place itself everywhere, since its series will be distributed between HBO, Netflix, or even Amazon Prime. It remains to be seen who will have the difficult task of interpreting these iconic heroes on the screen. It’s not Kratos or Aloy who wants. Who would you see in these roles?

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