Hollow Knight Silksong to ignite the Summer Game Fest?

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Since its announcement in 2019, Hollow Knight Silksong has been more than discreet. Has Team Cherry planned a return of its long-awaited game this summer? It could well be.

What if this time was the right one? At each Nintendo Direct, Indie World and big conferences the question remains the same: will we finally see Hollow Knight Silksong? The continuation of the metroidvania is desired with each event, to the point that its possible appearance has been erected to the rank of meme. And yet, the independent game could finally point the tip of its nose next week.

Hollow Knight Silksong back next week?

We must not play with the fragile little heart of Hollow Knight fans and yet. Geoff Keighley has just given them a new reason to hope for an appearance of the game at Summer Game Fest 2022. The creator and presenter of the event went there with his little teaser on social networks to hope to sell dreams to players: “ There’s nothing like the feeling of receiving a superb world premiere in your inbox.. »

So far nothing crazy, except that someone involved in the promotion of Hollow Knight Silksong has added his two cents. Matthew Griffin, the game’s head of marketing, responded with a simple, ” I approve of this teaser “.

Finally a release date at the Summer Game Fest?

A far from trivial tweet that suggests the presence of one of his projects during the Summer Game Fest. The interested party is working on a certain Crowsworn, but the title only ended its crowdfunding campaign less than a year ago. It seems unlikely that it’s ready to be shown yet.

The other hypothesis remains the most enticing: the strong comeback of Hollow Knight Silksong, whose development was coming to an end in January 2021. All this remains pure speculation at this stage, but it seems that we are not at the end of our surprises with the Summer Game Fest 2022. See you on June 9 at 8 p.m. to have the end of the story.

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