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Several months after its release, Horizon Forbidden West continues to improve with updates. The latest is going to make some people happy with its fan-requested additions.

No respite for Guerrilla Games. While the studio is hard at work on its VR game Horizon Call of the Mountain, it is also continuing to develop Horizon Forbidden West. On the occasion of the last State of Play, the game released last February welcomes several features requested by the community.

NG+ and Ultra Hard mode available

Guerrilla Games has just rolled out Horizon Forbidden West update 1.15. A patch generous in novelties, which brings some features missing at the launch of the PlayStation exclusivity. In particular, players will be able to restart a game while keeping their statistics and their inventory thanks to the New Game+ mode. A feature that comes with an even more advanced level of difficulty: Ultra Difficult. Those who wish to hunt monsters again in this hardcore mode via New Game+ will be rewarded with new trophies.

That’s not all. Horizon Forbidden West patch 1.15 also comes with quality of life improvements including the transmog feature. Regulars of the latest Assassin’s Creed know the topo, it allows you to customize the appearance of an outfit by making it look like any other armor while maintaining its stats. A feature of respecialization has also been added in order to allow players to reset their skill points and redistribute them.

What future for Horizon Forbidden West?

Also, to avoid hunting at all costs, a new herbalist will now sell animal components to improve weapons and outfits. Technical question, Guerrilla Games announces that it has reworked temporal anti-aliasing to improve visual fidelity in Performance mode on PS5 as well as rendering on PS4 Pro.

And then ? The Dutch studio is still far from being finished with Horizon Forbidden West. It is already planning an upcoming update adding a variable refresh rate as well as a 40 IPS mode. The game therefore still has a bright future ahead of it, even if Guerrilla has probably already covered the features. And you? Are you going to try a New Game+ in Ultra Hard mode?

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