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The famous developer will take the chair of the producer.

At the end of 2022, it became known that a film adaptation of Death Stranding was in production. There has been no word on the film since then, and recently game development director and Kojima Production director Hideo Kojima mentioned his role in the making of the film. He did not take the director’s chair, but he is actively involved in the process and performs the functions of a producer.

The famous game designer spoke about this in a post on his personal Twitter account. Kojima wrote: “To be clear, I am actively involved in the production, curation, development of the story, look, design and content of the Death Stranding adaptation, but I am not responsible for directing.”

Why the director of Kojima Production refused to direct the film himself is unknown. In the past, he has repeatedly expressed a desire to direct a picture. Perhaps Kojima just doesn’t have enough time right now. The game designer, together with his studio, is actively working on Death Stranding 2. At the same time, the head did not say who exactly would take the chair of the director of the film adaptation. Recall that Hammerstone Studios, which is known for the film “The Barbarian”, is responsible for the production of the adaptation.

Briefly about Death Stranding

  • In the world of the game, a cataclysm occurred, which was called the “Exit of Death”. America lies in ruins, invisible and deadly Creatures roam everywhere, and the survivors hid in scattered cities.
  • Couriers become the link between people. One of them is the main character Sam Bridges, played by Norman Reedus.
  • In the form of a protagonist, users will have to go from the East coast of America to the West in order to restore the chiral network and connect cities together, thereby reviving the country.

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