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Like every month, Microsoft presents the games offered as part of Xbox Games With Gold. The May 2022 selection notably includes a generous Metroidvania and a Viva Piñata game.

Microsoft has released the list of four titles that Live Gold subscribers will be able to experience next month. On the program of May Xbox Games With Gold 2022as usual, two Xbox One apps and two 360 titles. All of this is still backwards compatible with Xbox Series X|S consoles.

Here is the list of games offered in May via the Microsoft service.

Xbox One titles from Xbox Games With Gold in May

An ancient island deity is in a deep sleep, and everyone is counting on Yoku to cross the island and bring help to those in need! This unique mix of pinball, platformer and open-world exploration will take you on a spectacular adventure.

A colorful and cartoonish metroidvania, Yoku’s Island Express is a rich, varied and well-paced adventure.

Solve the puzzles of a world filled with mysteries, and save the people of the Nose-flutes! For centuries and centuries, their dynasty watched over Asposia. But their existence has been brought to light, and now they are persecuted. Emil, an obscure odds and ends salesman, has convinced the Asposians that the Nose-flutes are in cahoots with the forces of evil. Only the heir to the throne can put an end to his sinister designs. After remaining petrified for three years, Robert goes in search of the last wind monk of which the legend speaks, without really knowing where to go, but steeped in good intentions. Of course, he is not alone in his quest: at his side, Peck, the loyal pigeon, and Laura, the insurgent with a heart of stone with whom he is madly in love.

This is the sequel to Inner World that we were able to test at the time.

Xbox 360 titles

In addition to Xbox One games, you will find two Xbox 360 apps in the May 2022 Xbox Games With Gold.

Put your skills to the test in 11 dangerous and mysterious environments including Monster Island, the Bermuda Triangle and the notorious Area 51. All are filled with crazy jumps, secret shortcuts, destructible objects and special stages to unlock in game.

Sequel to Hydro Thunder released in 1999, Hurricane is an arcade racing game where you control powerful airboats.

Fun for all! Play as Hudson Horstachio, Franklin Fizzlybear and the others to compete in more than 40 mini-games mixed with racing phases. Chain the victories and get your hands on the bonuses to collect the most candies and win the crown.

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