Heart of Chernobyl changes name for political reason

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The raging War in Ukraine also has an impact on video games and studios like GSC Game World of Ukrainian origin are quite politically active on the subject. As this subtle name change proves.

STALKER is developed by the Ukrainian studio GSC Game World. And recently the company took the decision to subtly change the name of the game by removing any Russian-speaking notion. Thus the title which was STALKER2: Heart of Chernobyl has just changed its name to STALKER: Heart of Chernobyl.ohrnobyl. In other words, the pronunciation is now Ukrainian and no longer Russian.

A symbolic gesture for the STALKER teams

Obviously it’s only a small step, but it’s a way to prove the studio’s determination to be resolutely patriotic. A small political gesture that may seem minimal but still has a strong enough symbolism.

The big move

Besides, the Steam page of the game is already renamed. For now, development seems to be on hold and the developers are now in Prague, Czech Republic. We suspect that the objective is first to secure the families of each of them before being able to resume the development of a simple video game more quietly.

There is a good chance that the game will not be released this year anyway.

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