he spends 100K dollars and wants to be reimbursed

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Diablo Immortal has definitely been talked about a lot for some time. This time it’s about a streamer who spends $100,000 on microtransactions…

A Diablo Immortal player and streamer jtisallbusiness has spent a huge amount of money on his Diablo Immortal character. So much so that it is now impossible for him to find someone in matchmaking at his level.

$100,000 under the sun in Diablo Immortal

The content creator in question therefore claims to have spent around $100,000. In a video, the streamer even admitted that he was considering hiring lawyers to help him with his rather unique situation.

I can’t do the things that I spent money on this character for, and I don’t have a timeline for when things will actually go the right way, or even know if this problem going to be solved because I am the only player in the world with this problem.

Jtisallbusiness also said it had previously attempted to contact Blizzard directly through forums and Twitter about its predicament. The company’s response said it was “aware of the problem”. However, nothing has changed for the streamer and he is still unable to play with other players on Diablo Immortal.

In short, an ubiquitous situation which reminds all the same that Mike Ybarra had defended the controversial microtransactions of Diablo Immortal. By explaining in particular that most players did not spend a penny in game.

Whether or not Blizzard will refund this user’s $100,000 remains to be seen.

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