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For now, Hogwarts Legacy is still full of mysteries. As well on its history, its gameplay as its release date. But it could well be that a book has just revealed “by mistake” a potential release date.

L‘Art and the Making-Of of Hogwarts Legacy is a book intended to accompany the release of the video game and act as a guide. It turns out that this famous book is planned for the 06 September 2022 as the well-informed account The Rowling Library points out on his Twitter account:

Another source on the subject

Without getting too wet, we can imagine that the book will not be released months before or after the release of the game. And therefore that the AAA title is also planned for September 2022. Note that in January an insider had already talked about a release in September 2022:

We cross the chopsticks very hard so that all this turns out to be true. As a reminder, Hogwarts Legacy is an RPG allowing you to play as a wizard entering Hogwarts. It should offer the possibility to visit many places that are described in the books and in the movies. Although the story takes place before the adventures of Harry Potter.

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