Halo: An action-packed trailer for the Paramount series

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We’ve been talking about it for almost 10 years and it will end up pointing the tip of its nose (or rather its armor): the Halo series is revealed via a first trailer, or two minutes of explosions and alien massacre of all kinds.

If there is a universe conducive to adaptation on the small or big screen, it is Halo. A rich atmosphere, varied military stories… What do the people want? Maybe a trailer? It’s done as you can see above.

Halo am I listening?

The series in question is expected on Paramount +, it will feature John 117 alias Master Chief who is played by Pablo Schreiber on the screen. The plot takes place in the 26th century, and the Covenant threat will obviously be greater than ever.

The series is scheduled for March 24 next on Paramount+, the American SVOD service. Until then, you can pass the time on Halo Infinite. Problem, for now we do not know how it will be possible to see this series in France since the service is not yet officially available (except via VPN, of course).

Wait and see as our neighbors across the Channel say.

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