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This opinion is shared by the CEO of the publishing house Take-Two Interactive.

There is an increasing debate in the gaming industry about the use of artificial intelligence in the development of projects. Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of Take-Two Interactive, the publisher of GTA V, recently spoke about this. In his opinion, people should create interactive entertainment, not AI.

The executive shared the relevant sentiment during an investor Q&A session following the release of the financial report. Zelnick said: “Recent advances in AI surprise and excite many. For us, they are interesting, but not at all surprising. We believe that AI will allow us to do our job better and more efficiently, you talk about tools, and these are simply better and more efficient tools”.

“I would like to say that the development of AI will make it easier to create hits, but obviously it is not. Hits are created by geniuses. And data sets plus calculations plus large language models do not equal genius. will be in the future,” Zelnik continued.

That is, the CEO of Take-Two Interactive allows the use of artificial intelligence in game development. But he rules out a future in which AI runs production instead of humans.

Latest Uses of AI in Game Development

  • During the creation of the shooter High on Life from Justin Roiland, the creator of Rick and Morty, neural networks were used. However, the creative leader also sees AI as just a tool to make work easier.
  • Square Enix released an AI-powered remake of The Portopia Serial Murder Case in April. The game received 90% negative reviews, as the neural network did not understand user text requests. Because of this, the passage was greatly complicated.

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