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The Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022 unveiled a bunch of new Meta Quest 2/Oculus Rift games. We summarize all the announcements for you (Beat Saber, Ghostbusters VR, Espire 2, NFL Pro Era…).

Facebook, like Sony with its PSVR2, no longer believes in VR more than ever and is flooding its headsets (Meta Quest 2, Oculus Rift) with new content. The last showcase is also there to attest to this. If you missed the event, here’s what awaits you in 2022.

We start with an announcement that may excite more than one given the promise: Ghostbusters VR. A exclusive to Meta Quest 2 by nDreams studio (Fracked, The Assembly…). Become an ectoplasm hunter in this new Ghostbusters adventure set in San Francisco. Playable up to 4 in cooperation, this campaign is new and it is therefore not an adaptation of the films.

Exit : not specified.

Moss’ adorable mouse: Book II will point its muzzle by summer, after being released exclusively on the PlayStation VR at the end of March. An essential like its elder!

spire 2, the sequel to the action-stealth game from Digital Lode. In addition to a new single player chapter, this episode will include an alternative campaign to do in co-op with another friend. The studio promises better immersion, more advanced graphics and a revamped AI. You’ll even be able to interact with enemies via voice commands to distract and interrogate them.

Exit : November 2022 at a price of €29.99.

Among Us VR : the independent box back in virtual reality. The concept is unchanged: you perform tasks while a member of the crew (or more) will have the mission to kill everyone. A Werewolf-type game then begins where everyone will try to put forward their arguments so as not to be ejected into space and not to blow their cover.

Exit : during 2022 on Meta Quest, Oculus Rift and S, as well as on PlayStation VR.

Resident Evil 4 VR The Mercenaries is neither more nor less than the mode that everyone knows. A Free DLC in which the player must survive hordes of enemies to hope to achieve the highest score.

Exit : available on Oculus Quest 2 exclusively.

Build and manage your cities as you see fit in virtual reality in Cities VR.

Exit : April 28, 2022 on Meta Quest 2 at the price of €29.99 or €26.99 for pre-order.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2 Retribution is the sequel to one of the most famous games on VR platforms. You play as “The Tourist” in a New Orleans tormented by the living dead.

Exit : 2022 on Meta Quest 2, Oculus Rift and S… and PSVR 2. Although Facebook did not name the headset, the company did mention “other platforms”. The Meta Pro and the Oculus Quest 3 should also be affected as a result.

The other announcements

Ready to cut new cubes to music in Beat Saber? The developers have teased a “Electronic Mixtape” pack with Deadmau5, Marshmello and Pendulum. The list of artists is however not final and others will be disclosed when the time comes.

Exit : shortly.

bonelab will follow in the footsteps of Boneworks, the previous game from the Stress Level Zero studio which already offered advanced possibilities in terms of mechanics and physics in virtual reality.

Exit : 2022 on Oculus headsets.

NFL Pro Era : take on the tough role of Quarterback, without taking the risk of busting your knee or anything else. It is designed by StatusPRO, a firm made up of professional athletes. The goal? Bringing to life and popularizing their experience as athletes through virtual reality.

Exit : Fall 2022 on Meta Quest and PSVR.

RuinsMagus is a JRPG specially developed with VR in mind. As a sorcerer’s apprentice, you are dispatched to investigate abandoned ruins beneath the city of Grand Amnis, which house artifacts protected by guardians.

Released: 2022 on Quest and PC VR.

Last but not least, RedMatter 2, another sequel to the title released in 2018 on PS VR, Oculus Quest and PC VR headsets. Your adventure will begin exactly where it left off previously. In terms of novelties, get ready to overcome new puzzles, “traversing through environments more freely than ever with platforming sections” and additional tools like a jet-pack, an instrument to hack terminals as well as a projectile weapon which will be useful during puzzles.

Exit : summer 2022 on Meta Quest 2.

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