Final Fantasy 16 returns with an amazing trailer and a release date

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Revealed with great fanfare last year at a PS5 conference, Final Fantasy 16 has since been very discreet. “It will be shown when we are ready” hammered Naoki Yoshida, producer of the game, during his appearances. It’s finally time.

Final Fantasy 16 made a very noticeable appearance at tonight’s State of Play. On the program, gameplay, history and fights à la Devil May Cry.

A trailer and a release date for Final Fantasy 16

Naoki Yoshida had warned from the outset: Final Fantasy 16 was not yet ready to show itself. Despite development progressing well, notably with a fully written script and the recording of the English dubs continuing its course, the next installment of the famous saga missed every event, so much so that it was anticipated at each of them. However, this time it’s the right one!

Square Enix had left little room for doubt by teasing big announcements for the 35e license anniversary. FF16 therefore showed off its finest assets in a new trailer during the State of Play on June 2, 2022. And the expectation was up to the show. Gameplay, story, fights, summons, improved graphics, dark universe, the new trailer is much more convincing than the first presentation. And as expected, the trailer also comes with a release date. Unfortunately, it falls through for a launch in 2022. It will be necessary to wait until the summer of 2023 before hoping to get our hands on FF16.

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