Final Fantasy 16 is already fully playable, pretty images revealed

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In addition to a new trailer, Final Fantasy 16 revealed a lot of information about the game, its universe and its characters. Good news, it is already fully playable.

This time it was good. Expected for a year and a half at each conference, Final Fantasy 16 finally showed up at the State of Play in June 2022 with a new trailer. A trailer that gives pride of place to the Primordials, the summons, the characters, the story, but also the gameplay which betrays an interface that can still be improved. A few hours after this announcement, Square Enix reveals lots of images and info on FF16. Little recap.

The Final Fantasy 16 Development Team

After a Final Fantasy XV that divided, Square Enix entrusted the reins of Final Fantasy 16 to the one who had saved FF14: Naoki Yoshida. To support him in his task, the game producer has formed a dream team of veterans made up of several of his MMORPG friends, including the game’s composer and the screenwriter of the excellent Heavensward expansion. Here is the list of big names that will shape FF16:

  • Producer Naoki Yoshida (FF14, Dragon Quest X)
  • Main director : Hiroshi Takai (FF5, SaGa Frontier, The Last Remnant)
  • Creative Director and Original Screenplay : Kazutoyo Maehiro (FF14, FF12, The Last Remnant)
  • Localization Manager : Michael-Christopher Koji Fox (FF14, FF11, FF7 Director of Cerberus)
  • Artistic director : Hiroshi Minagawa (FF14, FF12, FF Tactics)
  • Responsible for the fights : Ryota Suzuki (Devil May Cry 5, Dragon’s Dogma, Marvel VS Capcom 2)
  • Character design : Kazuya Takahashi (FF14, FF10, FF11)
  • Composer : Masayoshi Soken (Final Fantasy 14)

How is the development of FF16?

As for the development itself, the team is entering its final phase. Final Fantasy 16 is even fully playable already, but teams need more time to optimize and polish it.

Under the leadership of Hiroshi Takai, the team has entered the final phase of development and is now focused on fine-tuning details as they work towards the final version of the game and its launch. I would like to personally thank them for their efforts throughout this project. Thanks to the power of the PlayStation 5, you will embark on a fluid journey, with a captivating story and rich in thrills that will not leave you indifferent. So get ready, the wait is coming to an end!

– Naoki Yoshida, producer of Final Fantasy 16

As for development, I’m pleased to report that the game is fully playable from start to finish. However, we still have a mountain of work, from optimization to fine-tuning the last details, to complete this final stage of finalization.

– Hiroshi Takai, Director of Final Fantasy XVI

Playable Primordials in Final Fantasy 16

The latest Final Fantasy 16 trailer features the Primals. These powerful creatures slumber within the bodies of a chosen few called the Emissaries. These beings then have an exceptional gift: that of embodying these invocations and using their powers.

If main character Clive Rosfield is named Guardian of Rosalia for his swordsmanship, it’s confirmed that he’ll wield a whole arsenal of attacks unique to these Primordials. We are also promised epic clashes between these summons, which we should be able to fully play. Our protagonist should therefore become an Emissary himself, but we are not immune to a twist.

New characters introduced

The trailer, titled Dominance, also introduces two new characters. First Hugo Kupka, an economic consultant with a meteoric rise. Once a simple soldier in the Republican army, the hulking man gained fortune and power through his awakening as an Emissary of the Prime Titan. He now exercises his position within the political sphere of Dalmequia, where he takes part in many decisions on the military and political issues of the country. His destiny will however capsize following his meeting with Benedikta.

Final Fantasy 16
Hugo Kupka, Emissary of the Primordial Titan

The latter rose to the command post of the spy corps of the Valœdoise army, but she is above all the Emissary of Garuda, mistress of the wind and storms. The tumultuous youth finds herself confronted with her past as she is on a mission to find the second Primordial of Fire. She will then cross paths with Clive, himself looking for Ifrit to satisfy his revenge.

Final Fantasy 16
Benedikta, Emissary of Garuda
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