Final Fantasy 16 could be released sooner than expected, but on one condition

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The highly anticipated Final Fantasy 16 release date announcement may leave some disappointed. According to the latest rumor, the game could be released this year, but there is a but.

It’s almost a certainty, the new Final Fantasy 16 trailer could come with a release date. Or at least a window if the teams do not yet feel confident. However, the next numbered installment in the saga could arrive faster than expected, but at the expense of another game.

An earlier release for Final Fantasy 16 at the expense of Forspoken?

After very long months of waiting, Final Fantasy 16 is finally about to show its face. June should be a particularly prolific month for fans of the franchise, which will celebrate its 35and anniversary, while FF7 will blow its 25and candle, presumably with news of Final Fantasy 7 Remake 2. Still, the long-awaited trailer might come with good news and bad news. According to Shpeshal_Nick’s famed XboxEra podcast, FF16 may well be out this year, but that would mean Forspoken being delayed yet again, to 2023 this time.

It’s possible that Square will push Forspoken again. But it’s more in the conditional. Apparently it would only be on the condition that Final Fantasy XVI comes out this year. said theinsider during his podcast. So it could be that Square Enix makes some changes for its 2022 lineup and FF16 could take Forspoken’s place.

A release in 2022 for Final Fantasy 16 seems more than likely. Recently, Naoki Yoshida, the game’s producer, claimed that development is in its final stages. The thinking head of this new opus had also declared that he wanted to show his new baby when its release was close. The rumor could therefore be true, unless Square Enix wants to strike a blow and release FF16 and Forspoken at close intervals.

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